About Falro

About Falro The Great

I am Falro, Player of Games

You're interested in me? Really? Well, read on, O noble one! On Steam you can usually find me in Rainbow Six: Siege under the name Falro_the_Great and in CS:GO as Falro the Great or some variation thereof. I'm also often seen browsing the forums in search of people to help. (Everybody's got some problems!) I also occasionally log onto AdventureQuest Worlds as Falro. My Minecraft name is Falro, and on Torchlight II I'm also Falro. But that's just the multiplayer games. I'm more often found exploring the lands of Skyrim or The Witcher series. I'm also a huge fan of the Divinity series, and yes, I did BAAAAck the D:OS (and D:OS2!) Kickstarter. All fear the Weresheep! You can find me on Youtube as Falro the Great, and check out my Twitch at /thegreatfalro! If you're craving more of me, or want to hear my thoughts on the game industry, governments, privacy, and/or cake, follow me on twitter at @OneOnlyGreatOne!

Oh, and don't turn around, because I'm right behind you.
And I'm not happy, Bob. Not. Happy.

In case you're wondering, and have the attention span to read all the way down here, Falro is a character I made up a while ago, sort of a paladin-knight-warrior-king person. I'm now writing a novel of sorts to explain him and the lore around him.